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That Coronavirus Weight Off?

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Let me know if this happened to you…

As COVID-19 spiked up, you had feelings you didn’t know how to deal with. This wasn’t your fault; you’ve probably never lived through a pandemic of this scale before.

But then as you worked from home your shirts and pants started getting tighter and tighter.

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You ate food out of fear.

Your SODA or COFFEE drinking sky rocketed.

You ate food for comfort.

You ate food because you couldn’t remember what day of the week it was.

Your feelings were out of check, and so was the rest of your life.

And now you go to button your shirt and realize, “Uh oh…”

Perhaps, even recently your jeans hurt your waist as you sat through yet another Zoom meeting.

And now you are ready to take action and release those extra pounds. And for bonus measures, maybe some from last year, and even some from the year before.

What will change for you? Imagine what it would be like eating a wonderful dinner with friends and without apparently thinking about it you put down your fork and stop eating once you are full. What everyone around you hasn't heard is your stomach saying to your mind, "Hey, I'm full here". No effort. No struggle. No guilt. You can simply stop eating.

What will change for you? Quickly you'll notice just how fast it is to learn this approach, and then see how it naturally reorganizes your weight to be less and less over time. Naturally taking off what is not beneficial to you any longer.

What will change for you? Well what would you create for your life if you were in charge of your shape? Would you change from "round" to something else? Would you adjust a little or a lot if you had the magic inside owner's manual?

What will change for you? Think about the cost of heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and all of the other preventable diseases that you probably won't have to deal with by taking action. I can't guarantee it. So ask your doctor if this would be a good idea for you.

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