How To Install Cravings Armor

To Destroy Food Cravings!

And We Will Destroy Food Cravings, But We'll Also Be Building Success So That You Can Be Empowered To Start A New Lasting Relationship With Food

If Your Food Experience Contains*

Need To Regulate Your Food Intake, Per Your Doctor, But You Struggle To Do So

Want To Eat Only At Meal Times

Need Help With Head Food Cravings

Snack Daily At The Same Time

Drink SODA (A Lot)

Snack On and Off All Day

Lots Of Candy

Know You Should Drink Water - But Don't

Crave That One Thing That Gets You Every Time and Are Ready To Give It Up

Then This Is For You

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* See disclaimer below.

Here's Everything You Get When You Purchase Today:

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The 4 Eating Rules

Laid out in a diagram so that you can easily interrupt your normal eating behavior and make the decision if you are going to eat something now or hold off for the right time of your choosing.

[$27 Value]

Dealing With Head Hunger

In this video I go deep into options for dealing with those times that your head is saying, "Hey I'm hungry," but your stomach is going, "Nah, that's fake news".

[$97 Value]

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I Love Me Is Stronger Than Food Cravings

How would you treat you if you were just falling in love with your self for the first time? Jump back in and give yourself a big hug with the purpose of supporting your breathing and mind fend off hunger feelings that aren't serving you.

[$97 Value]

Breathing Through Cravings

And because there are more than one way to utilize breath to fight off cravings I include several options in this program.

[$97 Value]

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Soda Pop Crusher

Liquid fizzy drinks are frequently the number one source of un-thought of calories. These add up quickly and since the habit of drinking them is super addictive it takes something like this crusher procedure to interrupt those actions.

[$27 Value]

Peeling Away The Advertisement Bias

Like wearing armor to go shopping this will help you always be ready to fend off doing what THE OTHERS want you to do.

[$27 Value]

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Drinking Pure Clean Water

It's so easy for the body to give us vague signals, especially when we've done what feels good in the past. Drinking pure clean water is maybe the easiest way to fend off food cravings because so often we are simply thirsty. Jump in to feel just how easy it is to crave water again.

[$27 Value]

A Full Retail Value of $399

But You Won't Pay That Today

See What Past Clients,

Are Saying About Scott's Change Work

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But Wait... There's More:


Listen To This Only If You Want To Stop Snacking and Grazing Food All Day

This is a technique I made up for myself to address my habit of eating food whenever I wanted, especially in this work from home routine.

I just can't keep this to myself so it's included as my treat-zero to you.

I'll probably stop including this in 2021. I'm not sure yet.

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Listen To This Only If There Is A Special Food You Never Want To Eat Again

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This is a special technique that could be a stand alone product, but included it here because you deserve every strategy to have control over your eating anytime and every where you go, no matter what you encounter.

I'll probably stop including this in 2021. I'm not sure yet.

Core Offer Value: $399 / Bonuses Value: $594

Total Retail Value: $993

Today's Price: $97

Here's How To Get Instant Access Right Now

To get instant access to the Destroy Food Cravings program, just fill out the form below when it appears. After your purchase is complete, you'll be given access to our Private Members Area where the entire course and all the bonuses will be instantly available.

I'll see you inside!

Who Is Scott?

While this page isn't about me, I know you want to know who you are doing business with and why you should listen to anything I have to say.

I’m Scott Bechtel. And yes, I’m a Certified Professional Hypnotist. If you’re worried I’ll make you cluck like a chicken though, relax. Real hypnotist don’t take away anyone’s power; in fact, our work together can restore your personal power and so much more!

I’ve been trained in some of the newest, up to date, techniques in positive empowering change work that enable people to quickly, effectively, and permanently rewrite negative, limiting beliefs, and thought patterns so that I can help people just like you succeed in their goals – even when they’ve been stuck for years.

I’m excited to get your change started for you today. I'm excited to hear how you Destroy Food Cravings. Let me know!

Face Image of Scott Bechtel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this work if I have diabetiss?

This is the perfect program for you if you are struggling to control your food intake. Especially those sweets that are a problem for your diabetiss.

However I suggest that if you have any questions about if this is a good program for you that you talk to your doctor about it first. Also if later your doctor doesn't like you doing this, for any reason, I'll happily refund you. Just let me know. (But I am using this approach to decrease my own sugar intake because of my sugar concerns.)

I don't know you yet... How safe am I to buy from you?

I really mean it when I say that I'll refund you 100% within 90 days. So try it. Don't like it, then let me know and I'll refund you. If I don't I know you'll destroy me on Social Media. I have a family to support and will do everything I can to make sure you get the value you are expecting.

I've tried other things. I just can't stop eating.

This program focuses in on food cravings and destroying them. If you give this an honest try and it doesn't work. Just let me know and I'll refund you. But if you are willing I'll work with you one-on-one to help improve this for all of us if you let me know what's not working for you. Together we all win.

Also if you need a much more structured program I have that too. Reach out to me and I'll let you know what other options I have available. (And I'll credit what you've spent on this program towards another upgraded solution I provide.)

Is this yet another diet?

A diet is something that you suffer through as you count the things, don't eat the things, and then yo-yo back to where you were or more after you stop.

This is NOT that...

This empowers you to retake control over your food choices. Want some candy. Sure. But you determine when, where, and how much. Want a bite of cheese cake. Go for it. But then you'll feel free to throw the rest away.

I'm deaf...

All of the audios are created as videos. All of the videos are closed captioned.
(And if I missed any, please send me a support email, from the top of this page, right away to get it fixed!)

"Use these skills to destroy those food cravings no matter what you encounter. I do every day!"

--Scott Bechtel

100% Risk Free

If you're still on the fence, remember...this purchase is 100% Risk Free. If it doesn't work or if you don't get the results you're after, just send us an email within 90 days of your purchase and we'll refund your entire investment.

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